REV2 Caliper 4 Piston – RIGHT


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Excel makes calipers? Thats the question we hear the most at trade shows. Yes, Excel does make calipers and in 2007 we revamped our caliper design to produce the REV2 line. What makes the REV2 different from the rest? Besides superior Excel craftsmanship, the REV2 has a unique piston wiper installed. The piston wiper constantly cleans the piston and creates a barrier keeping grime out of the O Ring area. This ensures a consistent braking experience and prolongs the life of the caliper. Excel also uses a single pass fluid system – brake fluid has only one path into the caliper and one path out. It speeds the bleeding process along and helps keep the system bled properly. We have also added a spring clip which eliminates rattle in the pads and acts as a dust shield. Finally, Excel chiseled the outer shell of the caliper into a sleek, stylish design.

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Weight 5 lbs
Component Finish

Black Anodize, Chrome Plate, Show Polish


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