Brushed Aluminum Finish

A good friend of ours from Australia called one day and asked if we could do him a special favor. He wanted our components to match the ‘matte’ finish on his bike – and not be too shiny. We thought for a bit and agreed we could brush finish them. The result is our newest option – Brushed Aluminum.

Our friend says, now when he rolls into the crowd – heads turn. Everyone loves this look of his new controls.

Our Brushed Finish components are done individually, by hand, giving the parts a unique look and character. This requires a little extra time to ensure some consistency between the pieces.
This finish compliments most any build – black schemes, wild paint or one off customs. It is available for any of our billet components – Forward Controls, Pegs, Hand Controls, Grips, Mirrors, Calipers, Triple Trees and more.

Contact us today for availability and special ordering.